My Favorite Resources
This is where I, chef Bravo make the magic happen.  Unless I’m out and about on an adventure or an exciting project.
This is a great supplier for dry goods.
My favorite spice shop.  They have many blends that are salt-free.  Their Chimichurri spice and their Citrus Pepper are amazing.
This is a great source for heirloom beans and unusual legumes.
Another great source for heirloom beans.
A great resource for plant based food while you’re traveling.  They have many SOS free options.
If you need a break from cooking, this company will deliver ready to heat and serve plant based meals.  They have many SOS free options.
This website gives you a list of vegan festivals around the country.  You might see me at one of these.
Dr. Gregor is not only funny and entertaining, but also very knowledgeable about plant based meals.  His medical insights have been very valuable to me throughout the years.
Dr. Veress is more dedicated to her patients than any other doctor I know.  She can help you heal your body, mind and spirit.
Dr. McDougall has been a long time advocate of a plant based diet.  He was advocating this way of living way before it was cool. If you come to one of his programs, you might catch one of my cooking classes.
My sister from another mister.  She actually inspired me in many ways.  She is not only funny and inappropriately hilarious, but she’s also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to plant based food.
My publisher only takes on vegan and vegetarian cookbooks.  You’ll find many other good ones besides mine.

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