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Living like Royalty is a Huge Problem

In times of kings and queens, only the wealthiest could afford opulent diets based on animal sources.

The rest of the population, they ate a lot more grains, legumes and vegetables.

Which of those two social groups do you think suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, weight problems, hypertension, strokes and heart attacks?

You guessed it, the ones that ate rich and fatty animal parts constantly.

But now the SAD (Standard American Diet) has made the king’s diseases available for everyone. And it may be what brought you here right now.

Going plant-based is the biggest thing you could do to experience a healthier, happier, more energetic and more joyful life.

Now, I’ve already listed the common problems of the SAD. But what if you went plant-based and these were the problems you faced instead:

  • You need new clothes because everything is too big on you now.
  • You have much more energy and you’re the one wearing out your kids.
  • You look so great, everyone is constantly asking you what your secret is.
  • You have a hard time deciding whether you want to go hiking or swimming.
  • You’re being asked on too many dates because you look radiant.
  • You keep having to cancel doctor’s visits that you no longer need.

This could be your new future, and I can help you get there.

Between all of my expertise and resources at your disposal, a whole new you is waiting to blossom.

“As a as a guy that was raised on meat and potatoes… it seemed like it would be boring, tasteless, and I didn’t have a clue how to get around in the kitchen…”

—Buzz Lawson

After over 13 years working with hundreds of patients going through TrueNorth Health Center…

I found people were simply missing critical skills like:

  • Layering flavors for rich, tasty meals on demand, without relying on animal products or unhealthy ingredients.
  • Adding variety without struggling with weird, hard to get ingredients or complicated recipes.
  • Picking produce and keeping it fresh for flavorful ingredients without wasting food.
  • Foundational “go-to” recipes and ingredients for a plant-based lifestyle, and how they’re different than the traditional “meat and potatoes” world.
  • Perfecting the 6 core cooking methods to prepare any meal or ingredient with ease and delicious perfection.
  • Essential tools, kitchen practices, and knife skills to cook like a chef at home with efficiency and confidence.

Whether you need to go vegan, vegetarian, SOS (salt, oil, and sugar free), gluten free, nightshade free, soy free, or anything else…

… all easy once you know these ‘Simple Foundations’.

Ela Thier

“This course has changed our lives. He explains basic principles that make endless variations possible. And the recipes he offers are so ridiculously simple to follow. It’s not like I watch a master do his thing that I can never replicate. I actually manage to replicate what he does!

Our fridge is now stuffed with produce and we actually look forward to shopping and cooking. His course is so helpful and easy to follow, I already bought it for other family members.

PS – It’s not necessarily the goal, but besides loving our food, we’re also losing weight, feeling more energetic, and my skin is looking better than ever.”


Chef Bravo’s “Simple Foundations to Plant-Based Cooking”

Now that you’re ready to jump into plant-based cooking, what is the best and most affordable way to start?

For just $200 $49.99 today, my course offers a comprehensive and easy to follow method for adopting plant-based cooking.

You’ll discover how to set up your kitchen for plant-based success.

You’ll learn about the foundations of cooking, such as herbs and spices, how and why to make different types of vegetable broth, how to combine flavors together, how to fix a dish that isn’t tasting the way it should be and much more.

You’ll get specific recipes to make plant-based cooking even easier, like my favorite soups, salads, dressings, vegetable dishes, desserts and more.

Transform Your Meals and Your Health with the Complete Foundational Course, Including…


Go at Your Own Pace, with Lifetime Access

You’ll have complete access right away to the entire course, which you can go through at your own pace and return to at any time.


69 Short Instructional Videos Breaking down Every Skill, Concept, Tip, and Recipe

With his down-to-earth and entertaining style, Chef Bravo makes every skill and recipe accessible to anyone… packed with tips for both newbies and seasoned pros.


Cook for 1 or an Entire Family

The techniques and recipes work for any need, and are sure to win over anybody, even those staunch “meat and potatoes” guys.


Complete diet flexibility for all dietary needs

Whether you’re SOS, need to cut out tomatoes or soy, or need to be gluten free, Chef Bravo shows you how to accommodate any need. Entirely your choice.
NOTE: Not all recipes are free of ALL allergens, but you are empowered to cook for any dietary need.


My favorite tools and equipment

All the best things for your kitchen from my own extensive experience to make cooking easier, more fun, and faster with the right tools. Always a favorite topic of my students is “What kitchen tools do you love, Chef Bravo?!”

Here’s just a Taste of the Incredible Wealth of Tips, Skills, and Recipes You’ll Get:

Critical, Foundational Skills in 33 Short Videos

  • My essential tools and utensils.
  • My “Working in Triangles” method for efficient cooking.
  • Demystifying knives, and critical knife skills.
  • My #1 foundational ingredient – vegetable broths, two ways.
  • All 6 of the core cooking methods broken down and made dead simple.
  • How to leverage combining herbs and spices to bring on the flavor every time.
  • My “The Only Cooking Class You’ll Ever Need” video
  • The Flavor Wheel, and my secrets to achieving depth of flavor with every dish.
  • Making beans delicious and versatile.
  • Knowing how to leverage everything from sauces to dressings to boost any meal.
  • And so much more…

Includes Over 23 Recipe Demonstrations

Chef Bravo teaches you to whip up new and exciting meals without recipes… but also walks you through over 23 demonstrations of recipes he’s personally crafted, like…

  • His famous Key Lime Pie
  • Fan favorite Mustard Braised Brussels Sprouts
  • Classic Express Marinara
  • Reuben Sandwich Beans
  • Mango Ginger Dressing
  • Butternut Squash and Kale Soup
  • And many more…

Walking you through each one start to finish, in a way anyone can do (without being a pro chef to replicate!). Teaching you the foundations of whole-food, plant-based cooking through practical examples.


You’ll soon feel much more confident knowing that you (and your kitchen) can produce delicious plant-based meals in your daily life with ease.

All while reaping the full benefits of the plant-based lifestyle on your health, the health of your family, on your smaller ecological footprint, and much more.

The key word here being:


I’m not offering you a way to learn to make food just to stay alive, just to be healthy, or just to save money on groceries.


I’m offering you the knowledge of how to make food that allows you to enjoy life, because it tastes great and it makes YOU feel great.

Plus, I’m including several quick-tip videos for joining:

  • How to pick the right avocado
  • How to pick the right package of berries
  • How to easily cut specific fruits and vegetables
  • And much more…

“Since taking cooking classes with him and using his books, I quickly developed the skills necessary to feed my family beautiful, mouth-watering, nutrition-packed meals.”

After eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) for almost all of my forty years, I lacked confidence in my ability to stick with a salt, oil and sugar-free whole food plant-based diet and further convince my family to hop on board.

Since taking cooking classes with him and using his books, I quickly developed the skills necessary to feed my family beautiful, mouth-watering, nutrition-packed meals.

Our children are even eating and enjoying mushrooms—something that was unheard of in our home prior to using Chef’s recipes.

Chef Bravo has an amazing ability to teach in a way that all types of learners can comprehend and absorb, to understand the needs and desires of his audience and to make it all easy, entertaining and enjoyable.

He’s passionate about the health of people and the health of our planet. My family has been blessed beyond measure by his contributions.


“My family happily eats plant based food and now requests food from the recipes of ‘that chef who taught you to cook!”

Patti Link

“Chef Bravo’s course changed my life. He not only taught me how to make healthy and wonderfully tasty food, he taught me why one cooking method is better than another depending on the outcome you want.

My family happily eats plant based food and now requests food from the recipes of “that chef who taught you to cook!” Whether you are new to plant-based cooking or have been cooking this way for years, this course is essential. Simple Foundations to Plant Based Cooking is AMAZING!!!”

Rev. Dr. Melissa Phillippe

Vesanto Molina, MS, RD

Registered dietitian, author of multiple plant-based lifestyle books, and lead author of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ current Position Paper on Vegetarian Diets.


Of Healthy Cooking with Shayda

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All for only $200 $49.99 when you buy today.

But this is to get this out to as many people as possible, so help me spread the word! As that is the only way I’ll be able to continue offering this low price for something so full of value and life-changing impact.

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I had taken an online whole foods, plant-based culinary course before, where I learned a great deal, but taking a couple of classes from Chef Bravo I learned far more. Such as layering of flavors, toasting of spices and to how to fix a dish that isn’t taste balanced. I learned about the flavor wheel, and general care of our equipment in the kitchen.

Can’t thank Chef Bravo enough for all we learned. It was enlightening, thoughtful, engaging and delicious!”


I met Chef Bravo at the McDougall program where he did a cooking demonstration. I was impressed enough that afterwards I went to True North where he works full time to have lunch there.

I tried his Lemon-Parsley Dressing, and just with that, I was convinced that I could sustain a plant-based diet. A year later, after eating his food three meals per day, I had effortlessly lost over 100 pounds. Chef Bravo helped me get my health in order and all I had to do was eat his delicious food. He’s not too bad on the eyes either.”


I attended a cooking demo by Chef Bravo, as well as two of his hands-on classes. He is a great teacher. He explains cooking in a way that’s not only easy to understand but also easy to remember. He can break down a recipe so you know the purpose of each ingredient, and why all of them work together with in the dish. It was a pleasure to learn from him.”


Questions People Ask Before Saying “YES!”

How hard is it to go plant-based?

It’s a big change, no doubt about it. I think it sounds scary to most people because it’s an unknown, they’re not used to it. But think about this, I’m not suggesting that you eat something that isn’t food. Yet, fast foods and junk foods make you do that all the time. If you look up at the ingredient list for many packaged foods, you’ll find numerous ingredients that are hard to pronounce. So yes, going plant-based can be a challenge for people. But it’s real food.

Will I be satisfied with this diet?

Absolutely, the plant-based diet I propose to you is not based on limited portion sizes or calorie counting.

Does a plant-based diet provide enough protein?

Yes, there is more than sufficient protein in a plant-based diet if you eat enough variety. Plus you’ll also get enough fiber, which is something the average American doesn’t get enough of.

How expensive is going plant-based?

Vegetables can be pricey. But the majority of your calories on a plant-based diet come from potatoes, grains, beans and other simple starches. If you compare the price per pound of these, compared to beef, bacon, chicken, fish, etc, a plant-based diet can actually save you money.

How long will it take me to adopt this diet?

Between all the content on my website, online cooking course and cookbooks, there’s enough resources for you to adopt this diet in 1 day. But, you can also take your time easing into it. I offer you enough recipes so you can commit to it at your own pace.

I’m not ready to fully commit, what can I do to ease into a plant-based diet?

The best thing you can do to make the switch is to give up dairy. Once you get used to not eating creamy and high fat foods, you’ll be surprised how tasty all other foods can be.

Especially fruits and vegetables.

Your books say SOS free recipes, what does that mean?

SOS free recipes are made without added salt, oil or sugar. If it’s naturally found inside an ingredient, that’s ok. But if I had to pour it from a bag, box, or bottle into the recipe, then it’s not ok.

Can food without oil, salt and sugar actually taste good?

Absolutely, my video course can show you how and why foods without salt, oil or sugar can be so delicious.

How much time will going plant-based require of me?

Plant-based cooking doesn’t take any longer than conventional cooking.

How much cooking skills do I need?

With my help, you can start with little to no previous cooking experience and still become a proficient plant-based cook.

Do I need to buy special equipment?

There’s no kitchen equipment that only works for either regular cooking or plant-based cooking and not the other. Which means you may very well have everything you need in your kitchen already.

What do I have to give up to adopt a plant-based lifestyle?

The extra pounds you’ve been carrying for a while.

No seriously, will I have to give up all my favorite like ice cream, and burgers and lasagna?

Ice cream burgers and lasagna are all part of a delicious plant-based diet. You won’t have to give up any of them. Any yes, the plant-based version of all these are just as tasty as the old recipes.

Do I need to buy special or hard-to-find food?

You may have to make the occasional trip to a latin or an asian market. But if you like those types of cuisine, chances are you were already making those trips.

What if my family is not on board with going plant-based but I still want or need to adopt a plant-based lifestyle?

This is one of the biggest hurdles to get over, as it requires many tricks and strategies which I can’t give to you in a few sentences. Signing up for one of my live sessions is where I can give you all the information you need. For now I can tell you this. As grown ups, we are all responsible for ourselves. A plant-based diet, is a decision you make for yourself, by yourself, from yourself.

Will this require complicated recipes and techniques, or take a lot of time to prepare meals?

None of my recipes are complicated. About 80% of them are quick and simple to prepare. The other 20% which require longer preparation are still easy enough to make. Once you go through my course and learn the basic techniques, none of it will seem complicated.

How is this program delivered?

As long as you have WiFi signal, you can watch my courses and video clips from anywhere.

What if I want more personalized help during the course?

You can schedule a live session with me and I can help you with any difficulties you may be having. I’ve helped hundreds of people to get on and stick with a plant-based diet. I’m sure I can help you as well.