Do you get frustrated when you buy an avocado and when you cut into it, you discover many brown spots? Is it annoying when you cut an avocado and it looks green and creamy but ends up being too hard? Do you sometimes end up eating such avocados because of how expensive they are and you rather not waste them? If you answered yes to any of these questions you’ll love this post. I’m going to teach you how to pick the perfect avocado. I’m going to show you how to look inside of an avocado before you buy and cut into it. That’s right, there’s a way to look inside of an avocado without cutting it, in order to choose the right one and pass on the bad ones.

It’s all in the stem. The stem will give all the information you need. Simply follow these steps:

  • Pick an avocado that has a stem which sticks out.
  • Try pushing it off with one finger. One of two things will happen, it will come off easily or you’ll have to give it an extra push in order to get it off. In which case the avocado isn’t ripe enough yet.
  • If the stem came off easily, look inside the hole left behind. If the hole is nice and green, then the avocado is good and ready. But if there’s any brown in the hole where the stem used to be, then it means there will be brown spots inside the avocado when you cut into it. It’s that simple.

Now you know how to avoid wasting three to five dollars each time you end up with a brown avocado.