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Chef Bravo’s Newest Course:

Solutions to a Healthy Lifestyle

Created from your feedback, this new course helps you overcome the roadblocks keeping you from the healthy lifestyle you’re striving for once and for all.

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Join Chef Bravo and special guest health experts as they help you tackle your biggest challenges in creating a Healthy Lifestyle.

Achieve your health goals easier than ever with simple solutions to stubborn problems, including emotional eating, navigating unsupportive family situations, ordering healthy meals at a restaurant, sleeping problems and much more.

We Tackle over 35 Healthy Lifestyle Challenges

Providing you simple solutions in short, entertaining videos, all gathered directly from your feedback on what you struggle with most.

Content is Directly Sourced from Your Feedback

We surveyed our over 6604 students who’ve enrolled in our courses to uncover the challenges, questions, and aspirations most important to you.

Including 9 Guest Experts in Health and Medicine

We brought in the best minds to share their insights on topics ranging from immune health to sleep to “melting shame”, and so much more.

Some of the topics Chef Bravo tackles…

in simple, straightforward solutions and entertaining explanations:

  • Transforming cravings
  • Simple techniques to boost flavor
  • Ordering healthy at restaurants
  • Neutralizing emotional eating
  • Smart food cost solutions
  • Picking produce and keeping it fresh
  • Keeping control without willpower
  • Navigating unsupportive family
  • Resolving feeling like a fraud
  • Knowing exactly what problem to tackle first

Plus expert guest deep dives…

with some of the best minds in the health space:

  • Mis en Place and Mindfulness with Curtis Eaton
  • All about Nightshades with Dr. Csilla Veress
  • The importance of sleep with Dr. Shelby Harris
  • The Wizard Sandwich with Heidi Crockett
  • Melting Shame with Heidi Crockett
  • How to build a support system with Kathy Taylor
  • 6D Living program with Sia Hurst
  • Immune Health with Dr. Csilla Veress
  • Skin care from the inside out with Dr. Jessica Krant
  • The B+ diet with Judi Finneran
  • Calorie Density with Chef AJ

Join Chef Bravo’s Newest Course:
Solutions to a Healthy Lifestyle

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