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Join “Advanced Techniques to Plant-Based Cooking” for Even More Flavor, Variety, and Fun!

After over 7,329 enrollments in my “Simple Foundations” course and counting, we’ve used your feedback to develop the perfect next step in your plant-based cooking journey. All yours for just $300 $47.95 if you join now.

The Recipes, Techniques, and Demonstrations You’ve Been Clamoring for Since My “Simple Foundations” Course

You have the foundation out of the way, so now we can focus on more delicious recipes, new flavors, advanced techniques, and having even more fun with plant-based cooking.

Plus, I’ve Included Brand New Elements You’ve Been Asking For…

Like a full PDF recipe booklet and course reference. Deep dives on popular plant-based ingredients. And an entire section for cooking plant-based while cooking for your more omnivorous family… without having to cook two separate meals.

If you loved “Simple Foundations to Plant-Based Cooking,” you’re going to LOVE this new course.

I’ve stuffed “Advanced Techniques to Plant-Based Cooking” full of:

Much more delicious recipes and cooking demonstrations, including some of your most requested ingredients and meal types.

A printable recipe booklet and guide for everything in the course! NEW for this course after hearing all your feedback.

Complete meals combining mains, sides, sauces, and more into complete coordinated entrees that perfectly complement each other.

Diving into the variety of ways to use specific ingredients like lentils, garbanzos, grains, potatoes

BRAND NEW – “The Bridge Diet” section to make it easier to eat plant-based while still cooking for omnivorous family members and guests at the same time!

Even more foundational cooking techniques to create more variety and flavor in your meals that I couldn’t get to in “Simple Foundations.”

Simple and easy “One Pot Meals” and much much more…

Take “Simple Foundations” to a Whole New Level of Impressive Flavor and Cooking Fun with Ramses Bravo’s Newest Course

Join today for only $300 $47.95 and take your plant-based journey to the next level:

Sneak Preview of What’s Included in the Course

Lesson 1

The Right Mindset in the Kitchen

Lesson 2


Lesson 3


Lesson 4

Cooking Methods

Lesson 5


Lesson 6

One Pot Meals

Lesson 7


Lesson 8

Potatoes and Yams

Lesson 9

Cooking and Cooling Starches

Lesson 10

Burgers, Cakes and Patties

Lesson 11


Lesson 12

The “Bridge Diet”

Plus, you’ll get the companion PDF with all the recipes and more, along with a guide to the course.

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Questions People Ask Before Saying “YES!”

How hard is it to go plant-based?

It’s a big change, no doubt about it. I think it sounds scary to most people because it’s an unknown, they’re not used to it. But think about this, I’m not suggesting that you eat something that isn’t food. Yet, fast foods and junk foods make you do that all the time. If you look up at the ingredient list for many packaged foods, you’ll find numerous ingredients that are hard to pronounce. So yes, going plant-based can be a challenge for people. But it’s real food.

Will I be satisfied with this diet?

Absolutely, the plant-based diet I propose to you is not based on limited portion sizes or calorie counting.

Does a plant-based diet provide enough protein?

Yes, there is more than sufficient protein in a plant-based diet if you eat enough variety. Plus you’ll also get enough fiber, which is something the average American doesn’t get enough of.

How expensive is going plant-based?

Vegetables can be pricey. But the majority of your calories on a plant-based diet come from potatoes, grains, beans and other simple starches. If you compare the price per pound of these, compared to beef, bacon, chicken, fish, etc, a plant-based diet can actually save you money.

How long will it take me to adopt this diet?

Between all the content on my website, online cooking course and cookbooks, there’s enough resources for you to adopt this diet in 1 day. But, you can also take your time easing into it. I offer you enough recipes so you can commit to it at your own pace.

I’m not ready to fully commit, what can I do to ease into a plant-based diet?

The best thing you can do to make the switch is to give up dairy. Once you get used to not eating creamy and high fat foods, you’ll be surprised how tasty all other foods can be.

Especially fruits and vegetables.

Your books say SOS free recipes, what does that mean?

SOS free recipes are made without added salt, oil or sugar. If it’s naturally found inside an ingredient, that’s ok. But if I had to pour it from a bag, box, or bottle into the recipe, then it’s not ok.

Can food without oil, salt and sugar actually taste good?

Absolutely, my video course can show you how and why foods without salt, oil or sugar can be so delicious.

How much time will going plant-based require of me?

Plant-based cooking doesn’t take any longer than conventional cooking.

How much cooking skills do I need?

With my help, you can start with little to no previous cooking experience and still become a proficient plant-based cook.

Do I need to buy special equipment?

There’s no kitchen equipment that only works for either regular cooking or plant-based cooking and not the other. Which means you may very well have everything you need in your kitchen already.

What do I have to give up to adopt a plant-based lifestyle?

The extra pounds you’ve been carrying for a while.

No seriously, will I have to give up all my favorite like ice cream, and burgers and lasagna?

Ice cream burgers and lasagna are all part of a delicious plant-based diet. You won’t have to give up any of them. Any yes, the plant-based version of all these are just as tasty as the old recipes.

Do I need to buy special or hard-to-find food?

You may have to make the occasional trip to a latin or an asian market. But if you like those types of cuisine, chances are you were already making those trips.

What if my family is not on board with going plant-based but I still want or need to adopt a plant-based lifestyle?

This is one of the biggest hurdles to get over, as it requires many tricks and strategies which I can’t give to you in a few sentences. Signing up for one of my live sessions is where I can give you all the information you need. For now I can tell you this. As grown ups, we are all responsible for ourselves. A plant-based diet, is a decision you make for yourself, by yourself, from yourself.

Will this require complicated recipes and techniques, or take a lot of time to prepare meals?

None of my recipes are complicated. About 80% of them are quick and simple to prepare. The other 20% which require longer preparation are still easy enough to make. Once you go through my course and learn the basic techniques, none of it will seem complicated.

How is this program delivered?

As long as you have WiFi signal, you can watch my courses and video clips from anywhere.

What if I want more personalized help during the course?

You can schedule a live session with me and I can help you with any difficulties you may be having. I’ve helped hundreds of people to get on and stick with a plant-based diet. I’m sure I can help you as well.